Stop Making Sense.


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Yes….it has been a while, but rather than making up a jillion excuses, I am just going to post as if my disappearance never happened.  **waving hand over your eyes in a Yoda fashion **

I present to you a list of nonsense.

  1. While listening to the news on the radio, audio clips from Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings began playing.  Maybe it’s because he’s just on my brain, but she sounded just like Michael Jackson to me.  Weird.
  2. If a pair of pants has 2 buttons then a zipper, you can bet a million I will forget to zip.  Once I’ve performed 2 functions on my jeans, I feel I have completed the closure….I guess 2 is my limit.  So embarrassing.
  3. Attention fellow night owls!  This one’s for you.  ” The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”   HA!  Saw this quote on Twitter and it made me giggle.
  4. I have worked at my employer for over a year.  We are required to wear hosiery.  I never wear dresses…only pants, because you can wear knee highs (the lesser of 2 evils).  Just this week I realized I don’t actually have to pull the knee highs up to my knees….I can just fold them down to my ankles without any noticeable difference.   Why did it take me over a year to figure this out?  IDIOT! (the mental picture you have of me with knee-highs folded down to my ankles will not deter me from wearing them in this fashion)
  5. I frequent alot of the local thrift stores.  I spotted this particular item recently and  it had (has) me baffled.
    I do not understand this one bit...seriously, someone explain.

    I do not understand this one bit...seriously, someone explain.

  6. This girl….

It's Me or the Dog host, Victoria Stillwell

always reminds me of this girl.

Red-headed Stepsister of Cinderella

Sorry for this, but where else can I get this stuff out of my crazy brain!?

On a totally unrelated note, I joined Twitter, so follow me if you like!  (I know that none of the above stuff is related and I probably could have just made this number seven, but that’s just how my brain works)

Song for Post:  Slippery People by Talking Heads (from the movie concert Stop Making Sense)

Talking Heads=crazy, amazing awesomeness.