I come from a long line of green thumbs.  My grandparents always had a large garden full of fresh veggies.  This made for delicious summer memories…and some painful ones, too. ( Have you ever spent an evening shucking corn or shelling buckets of purple hull peas?)  Additionally, my mom LOVES yard work.  She says it is her therapy (what!?).  Apparently this is genetic, b/c my sister also has one of the greenest thumbs I’ve ever seen…..glowing, nuclear green. You should see her yard in the spring!  It’s literally an organized jungle.  So just to be sure you understand…..Grandparents/Paternal, Mother and Sister/Maternal.  Yep…totally surrounded.

Here’s why I might be adopted.

Purple is the color opposite green on the color wheel.  This must be the color of my opposable digits.  I really have no interest in tending a yard, trimming the hedges, worrying about grub worms, etc.  BUT, I’ve always wanted to start an herb garden.  The reason is two-fold: 1) Frugality -fresh herbs are expensive to buy…even at Walmart.  2) Flavor-can you even taste the Cilantro you have to shake on?  Nothing gets me motivated more than saving a dime!

Last week I finally got the nerve to just do it!  I went to Lowe’s to look for some small herb seedlings.  Well…it’s October, so there not really stocking those right now.  But, they did have some packets of seeds still left from the Spring.  Apparently, seeds are seasonal, too. (who knew?)  Now all I had to get was some soil and some sort of containers.  I couldn’t wait to get home to make a mess! (cost was approx. $15 and it would have cost me alot less time if hadn’t spent a lifetime picking out seeds)

After the mess was made and the pods of dirt were on the patio, all that was left to do was water and wait.  After 2 WHOLE ENTIRE days…..nothing.  I was seriously doubting the whole thing.  Joel laughed.  Oh, but then came day four!  Signs of life!  I have to admit, it was exhilarating.  SO….

Maybe I am a legitimate child!

It’s probably too soon to tell 🙂