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If you read my first post, you know that Joel and I recently returned from a fun trip to the Dallas area!  We had such a great time on a dime!  Hotwire and Priceline are two of our best friends!  Joel was able to get BOTH of our rooms for less than $100….. $56 Crowne Plaza in downtown Dallas and $40 for a brand new Holiday Inn in Fort Worth!  I love thrift!

So just to recap the weekend…we arrived in Dallas that Friday night in time to check-in to our hotel and get ready for the concert.  We left a little early so we could find a place to park and hopefully find a place near the theatre to eat.  ** *Side note* Traveling is so easy with the iPhone!  We find everything on the first try…no more wasting time driving around lost. **

After we parked, we walked a few blocks down from the theatre and found an Italian Restaurant with tables outside!  It was a really casual place that was totally serendipitous and delicious!  We told our waiter we were in a time crunch and asked him what we should order to make it easy for him.  He said, “Pizza!”  So, we scarfed down one of the best pizzas of our entire lives.  Bon Appetit!  Thank the Lord for our wonderful waiter!  We were in and out and off the the concert!

The Majestic was a really great place to hear an acoustic-type concert.  The sound was excellent, and the theatre had alot of history and character. One drawback….itty bitty seats.  Not much fun for my above-average-sized man.

Leona Naess opened for Ray Lamontagne and she sounded great in that theater!  I bought one of her CD’s about 7 yrs ago, but her sound has definitely changed since then.  She much more stripped down and all about the songwriting now….which is great!  I probably give her a 2 out of 10 for stage presence….so if you’re lookin’ for a show, she’s not your gal.  Just music…that’s all she’s about.  On to Ray…

Ray’s voice was flawless!  Every song was perfect!  All the grit and passion you hear in his voice on his albums definitely ring true in a live performance, as well.  Always nice when that happens.  I hate when you go and see a concert only to find out they actually have no talent and their studio producer is a miracle worker.  Not the case for Ray.  He aslo gets a 2 out of 10 for stage presence.  Sometimes when you go and hear an acoustic concert like this one, you sort of expect it to be kind of like Storytellers….but unless these two were singing, they were tightlipped.

After the music ended, we went back to the hotel to get some rest for day #2, the Fort Worth Zoo!

Saturday, we check out of our hotel and went to have breakfast in Fort Worth at la Madeleine.  Then we were off to one of our all-time favorite zoos!  The FW Zoo is the perfect size! You can stroll slowly and enjoy every animal…you have time! They have this amazing primates exhibit!  You could spend all day watching the oragutans there…they get an 8 out of 10 for stage presence!  They know how to put on a show!  We had so much fun!

Sunday we had breakfast with my uncle, Gregory and his partner at The Reata, downtown FW.  It was so delicious and we had a great time visiting with them.  Before Joel and I started back to San Angelo, we hit some of our favorite shops and picked up a few fun things… like black currant tea at World Market, which I LOVE!

All in all……GREAT TRIP!

One last thing!  B, my grandmother, sent me my annual box of vanilla taffy from the South Mississippi Fair.  You can’t even imagine how great this stuff us.  It’s hard for me to share my taffy, but I love that Joel loves it, too.  It’s just fun when you introduce your favorite person to your favorite things and they receive them with the respect you feel they deserve.  I mean…this taffy is special to me…and if he didn’t like it, then I am not so sure I would like him as much 😉   (It’s bad enough he doesn’t like coffee.) 🙂

Mississippi Taffy

Mississippi Taffy

Sorry this was a long post.  I promise that won’t always be so.