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Hey guys!

I don’t know if you are aware, but there are only 3 weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That is definitely not enough time to enjoy the beautiful glow of a Christmas tree!  I love it at night…Joel and I are just hangin’ in the living room with the light of a fire and the phosphorescence of our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Really….it’s true.  You wouldn’t believe how funny my tree looks without all the trimmings.  Peppermint Patty and Lucy would feel right at home.  Granted it was only $17 dollars at Big Lots, but it still cracks me up everytime I get it out.  Joel always takes up for it.  That cracks me up, too.

Even though it doesn’t really inspire anyone to break out into O’ Tannenabaum, it might remind you of Linus’ eloquent monologue in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

The true meaning of Christmas.  Amen.

For those interested, here’s some pics of my tree all decked out.  After Christmas I will post a pic sans ornaments to give you a giggle.

The top.

Christmas Tree

Notice in the above pic the 2 golden sprigs.  Joel associates these with happy jazz hands!  LOL.


Happy Thanksgiving to you!  I pray traveling graces for those of you who are headed out of town.  I will wish you a Merry Christmas later….i know, i know….I’ve already put my tree up, but I just can’t go there yet.  I haven’t started listening to Chrismas music yet, either.  Isn’t it funny the boundaries we make?

Love you all!