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I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving!  Joel and I travelled to Lufkin to be with our families.  We had a marathon of feasts on Friday.  Lunch with his family and dinner with mine.  Both were delicious (thanks to Meme and Mom) and it was really great to see everyone.  My uncles and their families drove over from Mississippi, so it was particularly good to see them.  I can’t remember the last time we were all together in the same room!  We were missing Deana and Loydette, but we had our Thanksgiving with them at a Mexican restaurant on Sunday morning…so all was well!  Justin, my brother, hosted us in his new condo.   Thank you, Justin!  You can have your shower back now 🙂

Justin, Me, Mom, and Deana

Justin, Me, Mom, and Deana

Joel and Meme

Joel and Meme

Now that the sun has set on Thanksgiving, we are on to Christmas!  Our drive home from Thanksgiving was sprinkled with Christmas lights in the yards of the homes from East Texas to West Texas.  It’s here!

I was reading a little book by Beth Moore called Voices of the Faithful.  She was talking about missionaries during the Christmastime and it really stirred my heart.  I don’t know what I would do if I were in a country that didn’t celebrate Christmas.  No lights. No trees. No Carols. No Eggnog.

There are places on our planet that have NEVER celebrated Christmas.  Some missionaries are the only ones in an entire city singing the songs of the new born King come December.  Even more sobering, there are some remote locations that just became homes to missionaries this year…so this will be the very first time anyone in history will have ever taken time to celebrate the birth of Christ in that city/village!  Whoa!  I think that is so beautiful.  But I also know it must be very difficult.

Please pray the Lord will prompt us to be mindful of our brothers and sisters on the mission field.  Their December 25th looks so much different than ours here in the states.

The chances of a missionary reading my little blog are pretty bleak, but on the off-chance it happens…Merry Christmas to you!  I hope you have the sweetest, Christ treasuring-est Christmas ever.

For all of us state-siders,  I hope we have the sweetest, Christ treasuring-est Chrsitmas ever, too!