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I have an idea for my blog….I cant believe I didnt think of this already!  Okay…so I named this blog Tall and Short. (the ballad of joel and kari). For those of you who never went through the totally-obsessed-with-The-Beatles phase, “the ballad of” phrase of my blog name is a nod to a song on the Past Masters Volume Two album by, of course, The Beatles.

BUT…I was thinking I could add a corresponding song to each post.  It will create a soundtrack of sorts (or “ballad”, if you will) to our humble little blog.  I love music so much, it will do me good to finally get to use all the useless (’til now) music info in my brain.

The song may show up as a Youtube video, an audio file, or if I cant find it or figure out how to post it, I’ll just simply write out the name of the song and the artist.

We’ll start this whole thing off with the Beatles.  What’s that?….you knew I would post a Beatles song?  Right.  Well…you know me well.  Since I like alot of old music, you may not recognize some of the songs, BUT…

Your Mother Should Know

from the Magical Mystery Tour album.

Christmas music to come!

Love you guys,