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If you wondered just how annoying I would be with the “Owen” posts….it’s gonna be pretty bad.  Here is our little guy doing what 10-day-old puppies do.

Owen (10 days)

Owen (10 days)

Joel and I were half expecting a picture of him sitting up, eyes open, and playing fetch.  LOL…..  We are so ready for him to be old enough to come home, we forget he’s just barely a week old.  We have been imagining Owen playing and having all this fun without us, but I am pretty sure his eyes aren’t even open yet….and my sister said their ears are sealed for at least 20 days.  That little Owen….he’s just been sleeping and eating!

Moving on to stories about people (namely Joel and me)….

Here is the run down of our Christmas goings-on:

Christmas Eve we will be traveling to Mississippi to be with my fam.  I wish everyone could experience the greatness of Christmas Eve at B’s house (my grandmother)!  She makes (“fixes” if you’re Southern) boiled shrimp, fried oysters, homemade dipping sauce (for the shrimp….to die for!), shrimp bisque, chocolate pie, and all kinds of Gulf Coast goodness.  My Mom II, Pam, will be making/fixing some gumbo that will set you free, indeed.  (…sounds like we got our menu from Bubba Gump…lol)

Sunday we’ll have to start trekking back to San Angelo, but we are going to meet up with Joel’s brother, Jody, on our way home.   It will be great to see him and Angie (his fiancee)!  We don’t get to see them much, but Jody and Joel do spend alot of time slaughtering the bad guys on XBOX Live.

Hopefully I will have lots of pics to share when we return.  If I don’t get a chance to post before we leave, Merry Christmas to you!  I pray we all treasure the story of Christ’s birth in a new and unique way.  Love you guys!

Soundtrack for this post: Down in Mississippi, Jimmy Reed                                    (Jimmy pronounces Mississippi “Missippi”…sounds like home to me!)

This is some straight-up Delta Blues!  (this one’s for you, Dad!)