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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Joel and I drove to Mississippi to see my family and had such a  great time.  The Christmas buffet was just as I expected…deliciously coastal!  Dad and Mom 2 even had a fish fry on Friday night, so we really ate well!

Here are some pics:

[rockyou id=129660471&w=426&h=320]

Being with my brother and my sister was such a blessing.  I LOVE being in their company!  Other than just being so stinkin’ cool, Justin keeps me laughing (he is spot-on when impersonating Nacho Libre).  Deana just happens to be the sweetest, most sincere big sister.  Her smile is magic.  I miss them all the time.

As if the trip wasn’t perfect enough, 2 really great and unexpected things happened.

  1. Our friends pitched in and rented us a car to take to MS.  Joel and I both have vehicles that have a billion miles on them, so this was an especially precious gift.  You’re thinking our friends are awesome, aren’t you?  They are.
  2. My cousin, Kortnie, was also visiting Mississippi, so we got to see her!  She is one of the single most talented people I have ever met.  The Lord has recently given her an amazing testimony concerning her health.  If she ever writes it down, I’ll post it here.  Until then, go check out her skills and buy a song or two.

You know I can’t close this post without updating you about Owen!  On Christmas Eve, Joel received an email from the breeders with THIS picture attached:

Owen and Santa

Owen and Santa

How great are they?  I have been so excited about getting this puppy off their hands I haven’t thought once about how hard it might be for them.  I mean, seriously….these guys love their dogs!  Don’t miss the fiber-optic tree, the glistening snow, and the “Merry Christmas” backdrop.  Who is sending emails like this on Christmas Eve?  Our awesome bull terrier breeder friends, that’s who!

Oh, but they didn’t stop there.  Christmas Day we got ANTOHER photo.  They wanted us to see how cute Owen is after he is plump-full of milk.    Check it out:

Full of Christmas Dinner

Full of Christmas Dinner

That’s our rotund little guy.  If you’re thinking he looks like a piglet, rest assured we are not offended.  Are you kidding?  Baby pigs are one of the cutest things on the planet! (Did you get that email with the dachshund mother caring for the pink piglet?….adorable!)

Hmmm….a song for this post…..  I think I’ll use another Beatles tune; not for its meaning, but simply because it’s called Piggies.

Sorry for the lengthy post….I’ll sign off now 🙂