Some of you know the story about my cousin, Kortnie, so I am going to give a nutshell version.  I hope she will write it down so I can post it here. You would be so encouraged by all the Lord has done since her diagnosis.

She was diagnosed with a form of colon cancer sometime in November.  After undergoing a really difficult surgery and recovery, Kortnie was doing really well when we saw her at Christmas.

Saturday, my aunt called to tell me Kortnie had 2 spots on her liver the docters were “concerned” about.  After some test, it seems there is only one spot (hallelujah).

Here’s where you come in.

Please pray with me this spot is benign.



Here is the journal entry Kort wrote on her site:

YEAH! I am out of the hospital and cozy at home in my own bed…so very exciting!

The PET scan is a machine that shows any cancerous masses in the body by lighting them up really bright. The result of my PET scan was a lighting up of the right lobe of my liver. No other places in my body lit up and are of no great concern at this point. The next step in this process is scheduling a biopsy in the next couple of days and, pending the results of that test, a possible surgery. The location on my liver is operable and at this point looks like a great likelihood of full recovery.

NOW is the time to pray with fervency and great faith. There is still a possibility of the spot being benign and that is what we need to be praying for. I am very encouraged and optimistic. I know that Christ has His hand on me and is walking beside me through this whole situation. I have this peace that really does pass understanding and that is because of the prayer of His people; YOU are His people! Please keep praying and I will keep you updated as soon as I hear something. I love you all very much.


Thanks to all of you who have already been praying with me. Love you guys!