…and I will give you rest.

If  you like to follow even just one blog, might I offer some time-saving-index-finger-resting advice.

Get Google Reader.

I made up a list of questions you might ask and then I answered them below.  Like an interview with myself.  My own little Q & A. _______________________________________________________

What is Google Reader? It’s sort of like an inbox for blog posts.

How will it help me? Let me answer this one with a real-life example.

SO…I like to read my friends Megan and Brittney’s blogs.  They, like myself, aren’t scheduled posters, meaning, you never really know when we’ll have a new one.

In turn, I had to go to their blogs everyday to see if they posted.  Sometimes this is disappointing, because Brittney waits like a billion years between posts (I love you, Brit).

Google Reader checks all the blogs I subscribe to and lets me know when they have a new post.  Therefore, I don’t have to go to all the actual sites.  This saves ALOT of time and index-finger-clicking energy.

How do I get Google Reader? Sign-up for a Google Account.  This DOES NOT mean you are signing up for another email account….so don’t worry about that.

Where can I get more info? Abraham Piper turned me on to Google Reader.  He explains it much better than me on The Pipers blog.


You can watch this 2 min. video

Is it better than subscribing by email? If you just follow one blog, then subscribing by email probably makes more sense for you.  If you subscribe to more, your email inbox can become crowded with blogs and emails all mixed up together.  Google Reader is better than subscribing by email in this respect.

I love Google Reader!  It has saved me so much time and given rest to my heavy-laden index finger.  Hope it helps you, too!

I Can Help, Billy Swan  (this song always makes me giggle)