I got an update from Kortnie’s online journal.  It looks like the spot on her liver is cancerous, so please continue with me in prayer for Kort, my Aunt K and Uncle B.

Thank you all so very much.   I love you guys.

Here is the last journal posting:

I just found out that my appointment at UAB is this Thursday morning at 8:00 with Dr. Heslin, the doctor who will be doing my liver surgery to remove this spot. They are going to skip the biopsy, as it is very likely that it is cancer and the doctors feel that it needs to be removed immediately. Dr. Heslin is going to review things with me and schedule my surgery, which looks like it will be within the next 1-2 weeks. I will begin chemotherapy as soon as I have had a little while to recover. I am so thankful for the doctors wisdom, which I have been asking God to give them. Please continuing praying…pray for no complications in surgery, pray that God uses the hands of the doctors, pray that God continues to strengthen my body for surgery, please continue to pray!!!

Thank you for the meals, flowers, cards, and all the ways you have shown me your love. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. I am experiencing God’s provision and peace every moment of every day through you.