On this 23rd day of January my grandparents welcomed their second of 3 boys.  Man, am I glad they did!  He is the coolest man on the planet!  Here’s why:

  • He’s so stinkin’ smart.  I am mostly jealous of this gene and wonder why he had to be so stingy with it.
  • He knows how to do a lot of things– fix cars, build houses, figure out the end of a movie well before the credits roll, operate heavy machinery, decorate wedding cakes, impersonate the lead singers of most 70s rock bands, brew his own beer, etc.
  • He loves his wife. (seems like a given, but not to be taken for granted)
  • He can rock a bandana headband better than anyone I’ve ever seen.
  • He unintentionally introduced me to one of the best bands of all time, Led Zeppelin.  (we used to rock to Stairway to Heaven on the way home from Ellisville, MS)
  • He’s a great listener and wise counselor.
  • He bought me a Chihuahua when I was in the 5th grade.  I am sure he hates Chihuahuas in general, so I am still shocked this ever happened.
  • He’s not afraid to cry.
  • He is not ticklish, at all….ever.  He said it’s some mind trick. (isn’t that something Chuck Norris would say?)
  • He does not judge.
  • He’s a straight shooter.  I trust everything he says 100%.
  • He loves deeply….all the way to the core.
  • He taught me how to golf and fish.  I don’t presently do either very often, but don’t expect me to bat an eye if I have to bait a hook with a cricket or worm…no problem.
  • He respects his elders.  I still hear him say yes ma’am and yes sir.
  • He has awesome hair.  Long, auburn, curly hair.  Another gene he was stingy with.
  • He can whistle through his teeth.
  • I would not know who Charles Bronson is apart from him.
  • He can hold his breath under water longer than anyone I’ve ever seen in person.  Scares me every time.
  • His hands are thick and strong, like my Papa’s.
Me and Dad

Me and Dad

When my brother, sister and I start talking about my dad, the conversation usually closes with “I love Dad.  He is so cool!”.   He really is.

Happy Birthday, Dad!  You’re the bestest, coolest, awesomest Dad!

A song for Dad….hmm…gotta be Zeppelin.    Black Dog