It’s Joel’s 31st Birthday!  YAY!

He will probably kill me for doing this, but I just have to post some pictures of little Joel.  He was just such a cutie-pants I can’t help myself!


Seriously?  Can you resist those eyes?…..those precious little fingers?  ….those CURLS?  I am melting right along with that snowcone!!!!!!


Just give me a second to catch my breath…I cannot get a grip.  LOOK AT JOEL WITH HAIR!!!!!!!!!!  ….and dimples….and snaps instead of buttons….and a tight-lipped smile!  I love everything about this picture.  My baby pics barely resemble my grown-up self, but not Joel!  This is a perfect foreshadow of the way he looks now (except for the hair).


For those of you who are not in the know, Joel stirred up some tension among the Little Leaguers of Nacogdoches, Texas.  He could nail a baseball out of the park on any given day.  And yes, because of his giantness, parents begged for proof of birthdate.  “Show us his birth certificate!”  I can’t wait for the day we have to proove our kids’ birthdays!  I think I’ll just carry it around in a frame in my purse.  ” This my kids birth certificate, oh, and let me introduce you to my husband from where the giant genes come from.”  (sure, there is always a chance they’ll be shrimps like me)

I am just smitten with Joel!  He is such a wonderful husband!  I love how the Lord works it out for husbands and wives to compliment each other.  Joel is my perfect compliment!

31 Reasons I love Joel (not an exhaustive list):

  1. Loves the Lord
  2. Loves Jesus
  3. Slow to speak
  4. Quick to listen
  5. Servant to his wife
  7. Confident
  8. Birder (that’s right! Joel can name a bird just from hearing it chirp!)
  9. Unwavering
  10. Leader
  11. Great debater
  12. Man-crushing on Glen Beck
  13. Disciplined
  14. My favorite person to watch movies with
  15. Knows how to use a fire extinguisher  (wink.)
  16. Appreciates God’s creation with wonder and awe
  17. Will spend hours on he phone with customer service for the sake of justice.
  18. My personal coach and motivational speaker
  19. Lets me attempt to tackle him…sometimes he lets me win.
  20. Pretends he’s not ticklish
  21. He never yells in anger…only during a sport’s game 🙂
  22. Loves when we master a recipe together
  23. Plays drums….on any surface…..my arm, my leg, my head.
  24. Acutely in-tune with the well being of our fish
  25. Has a keen sense of sight….it’s eerie
  26. Doesn’t burp out loud…at least not around me
  27. A news junkie
  28. Asked me out on a 2nd date (I was sure I tanked the first date)
  29. Loves my family
  30. One time, he made me a fruit salad with the largest bowl in our kitchen.  (more than a gallon…just for me)
  31. HE’S A PACK LEADER.  (Owen will be here Sunday!)

Mad About You by Sting  (Joel and I both love this song)