:Why Tall and Short?:

Undoubtedly, Joel (my husband) and I leave the same 1st impression with everyone we meet face to face.  He is very tall (6’8″).  I am pretty short (5’2″).  That’s right….a whole foot and a half difference.  You can try and come up with a clever comment about it, but if I were a betting gal, I would bet a million we’ve heard it! 🙂  …but you can say it anyway….it’s fine by us.

This is us.

This is us.


2 thoughts on “:Why Tall and Short?:”

  1. Stan (Dad) said:

    He doesn’t look that tall to me. I think I can take him.

  2. Pam Blackledge (Mom II) said:

    The old saying “Opposites Attract” proved again! You and Joel may be opposites in height, but you are like your Dad and Myself – one and the same!!!!! One compliments the other!!!! Love YA!!! II

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